TCTM Oil Ltd., consisting of its founders and senior scientists, holds the exclusive rights to the patents and know-how for the most economic, efficient, and environment-friendly technology for extracting hydrocarbons from any reserve, under any conditions.

Since 2000, we have been perfecting what is now known as Enhanced Environmental ThermoChemical Treatment (EETCT). After some hundred demos on live wells, the first patents were registered in 2010. Since then, we have further developed the technology to service the widest scope of oil wells globally, including two more registered patents (and two more pending).

EETCT’s clearest advantages are its minimal investment, and 2-12x increase in daily production, rendering the lowest cost-per-barrel than by any other EOR technology. Return on investment is extremely quick, usually within 3-4 months per well treated, and continues for many months on after. EETCT is significantly cleaner and greener than any other method (see Environment).

Moreover, the process cleans out the productive layer, extending the well’s lifetime, making it possible to extract at least 70% and as much as 90% of all oil in the reservoir, depending on the geology. We expect to replace hydrofracking and make it obsolete.

EETCT can be used on all types of rock formations (including offshore), in any type of well (horizontal, vertical, injection/production wells), at any depth, for any type of oil. It’s also the perfect solution for deposits where extraction is too costly, deep or difficult to reach, as in the Arctic, or for shale oil deposits. We can often achieve in-situ thermal cracking of heavy oil, lowering its viscosity forever, thereby increasing its value even before it reaches the surface. We are currently working on the development of nano-catalysts, which seems to be very promising for usage of in-situ cracking when geological conditions allow.

EETCT is fully automated and provides the highest safety measures. The system is delivered on standard 20’ or 40’ sea-worthy containers for placement on trucks. Large tanks for chemicals are not required. The system is fully mobile and can treat over 100 common vertical wells per year.

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Licensing agreements will be available as soon as we scale up the production of the automated pumping system. TCTM will provide all the technical equipment and know-how associated with this proven and patented technology, and all the support that goes with it.

From all aspects: technical, economic, competitive, and environmental, our technology surpasses all the world’s known methods of oil production. We are ready to demonstrate and implement EETCT on practically any oil well on the planet.

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