EETCT can be used for liquidation of toxic wastes

Natural gas is the big thing now. But natural gas usually contains (sometimes high) traces of toxic sulfur, which must be removed. Natural gas producers often use materials like ethanolamine or di- or tri- ethanolamine to absorb such compounds. The resulting product is a toxic liquid, which cannot be simply liquidated (e.g. by burning, as it produces other toxic wastes).

EETCT can make good use of such poisonous waste, easily converting them into compositions, which can be, in turn, used as a source of energy. The final product of decomposition, after usage for the well treatment, is the same as in the standard process. Sulfur, which causes problems with gas recovery, remains down in the crude oil collector and can appear in negligible amounts in the recovered crude. Furthermore, sulfur is commonly present in crude oil and there are standard technologies for its removal.

The “fuel” made from this waste is non-toxic and is basically an anti-freeze, making it useful in places like Arctic regions – all year round.

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