It all started in the year 2000, when senior Russian scientists and engineers found a way to safely apply flash-heating deep in an oil well’s borehole, resulting in instantaneous and dramatic increase in production.

They knew that heat makes liquids thinner, less viscous. The more heat, the thinner the liquid; oil is no different. Their method of pumping two chemical mixes down concentric tubing allowed for a safe and relatively-controlled heating effect of up to 400° C.

Around 100 live tests were made on (mostly old, closed-down) wells, while they tweaked the formula to promote high pressures and gas-lifting.

In 2008, first worldwide patent was registered on heating the reservoir and creating enough gases to effectively solve the problems of low-productivity oil wells, heavy oil, sands, bitumen, tars and heavily-watered wells.

In November 2011, successful large-scale demonstrations were conducted on 40-year-old wells No. 1242 and No. 3003 at Lukoil-Komi in the north of Russia. This resulted in 1400 extra tons of oil (8800 BBL) extracted over the next 3-4 months, as compared to pre-treatment values. More than one year later, they were still producing 20-40% more than pre-treatment levels.

TCTM Oil Ltd. was established in 2016 with the aim of further developing the precise principles of this technology, to protect this by international patent law and to commercialize it.

We have prepared several additional patents to increase efficiency and safety of the formula, in order to be able to apply our technology on almost any oil reservoir on the planet. And, with our new, fully automated control system, the results will be invariably better.

Currently we are preparing to offer this breakthrough on an international scale. We welcome your comments and questions and are ready to discuss further cooperation.