New automated system

TCTM Oil Ltd., in cooperation with a Czech-based engineering firm renowned for their work around the world in oil refineries, food production, coal and nuclear energy producers, water purification systems, etc., is currently developing a fully automated system, to be delivered in standard 40‘ containers, ensuring simple transport, installation, and operation of the system, in any climate, anywhere in the world.

The patented automation secures the highest safety standards and simplicity. With the push of a button, the EETCT (Enhanced Environment-friendly ThermoChemical Treatment) process begins, and the formula is pumped down the borehole. Thanks to the single cable with 30-40 keen sensors (developed by us and produced by a tech company known for their measuring components for the military industry in many countries), temperature is maintained within 1-2% of target value, and pressure kept as high as safely allows. This system enables us to monitor even the longest of horizontal wells, achieving better results than the previous, manually-controlled system.

There are several optional modules, including units for cleaning water and remote operation. With a single mobile unit, hundreds of wells can be treated and maintained with EETCT.

The system creates a knowledge-base, based on the actual data, and these heuristics are used for optimal formula calibration of nearby wells.


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  1. Luis Romualdez

    ETCT is a game changer for heavy oil and bitumen where the recovery mechanism is mainly viscosity reduction by high temperature conduction. Billions of barrels in CANADA, the heavy oil center of the world, awaits recovery by ETCT!

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