Here is a sample of some of the wells we treated in Russia in 2012.

With proper logistical organization, one of our automated systems can manage up to 100 common vertical wells per year. Horizontal wells will take a few days longer, but production is relatively much higher. For an ETCT treatment, it is often necessary to use an overhaul rig and/or coiled tubing; this is available from the service company or operator and thus there is no increase in investment costs. The results show that (with an oil price of USD 50/bbl) each USD 1 invested in an ETCT treatment (not counting the one-time purchase of the automated system, which is typically far below USD 500,000) will usually result in USD 5-10 in extra oil recovered within one year. And the production increase will last for up to several years at each well. In countries with particularly high labor costs and raw material prices, it is still possible to achieve a return of USD 3-5 per USD 1 invested. With a careful analysis of the oil field and selection of wells, this ratio is likely to be much higher. There are not many technologies in the world that give a better ROI.